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WooCommerce Bringing Change in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry thrives on a continuous flow of customers. To do that, it needs to keep up with the latest channels to offer its services wherever the consumer is. The previous year saw over 77 million online sales in the fashion market. So how can your business turn up its style online?

A one-word answer—WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin in WordPress. With over 4,000,000 live websites, this platform is tried, tested and trusted by many. You can build an online presence yourself or hire an organization that provides WooCommerce development services.

No matter which way you go, you should know the ‘What, why and how?’. Since you now know what WooCommerce is, let’s move on to the other answers.

The Shift of Trend

Weren’t people visiting shops to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends?

The shift to online shopping started with the rise of the Internet but gained a huge push in momentum with the Covid-19 pandemic. With the inability to visit stores, people turned to websites. The businesses that met their customer’s demands with a polished website saw their sales grow exponentially.

The brick-and-mortar stores aren’t dead. Having an online store just provides another touchpoint for your customers. WooCommerce helps you deliver that with its user-friendly interface and a plethora of useful features.

Benefits of WooCommerce in The Fashion Industry

1. It’s Free

The businesses in this industry end up re-investing most of their capital and profits into purchase orders. WooCommerce ensures it doesn’t pile on your financial woes.

It runs on WordPress, which is a free CMS. This means apart from the necessary costs of buying a domain and hosting your website, the rest won’t cost you a dime! This makes hopping online with WooCommerce much easier.

2. Hire Experts or Go Solo

Many people work with WooCommerce as it’s an open-source platform. So even if you do not know how your store should look, you can easily find experts to guide you.

If you know how you want your store to be and are willing to put in time and effort, you can do it yourself. The user-friendly interface lets you skip years of coding to develop your online store.

3. Eases the Work

Stores won’t make selling as easy as a WooCommerce store would. A few clicks to update your catalog beats spending hours to incorporate fresh additions. You can also allow other vendors to sell on your online store.  

Another way to take the pressure off your shoulders is by looking for anyone who provides WooCommerce development services.

4. Personalize the Look

WooCommerce brings a change to your online store with its library of free and paid themes. A theme determines how your store looks and feels to interact with.

You have the power to change it with the click of a button even after your store is live! Take your time browsing and feel free to update it according to the changing trends.

5. SEO Friendly to Help You Grow

WordPress follows all the SEO guidelines. Since your WooCommerce store runs on WordPress, it will be simpler to make it SEO friendly. With SEO, your store ranks higher in search results, bringing in more organic traffic.

Just like WooCommerce is a plugin, other SEO specific ones can help you optimize every page for the best possible results. Here’s everything you need to know about WordPress plugins.


The fashion industry is ever-changing. With an online store backed by WooCommerce, you will always stay trending with the latest collection, competitive prices and amazing deals.

We at WordPressWebsite, offer the best WooCommerce development services to make your ideas turn into a reality. Contact us to know more.

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