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Tips To Prevent Your WooCommerce WordPress Store from Fraud

Did you know that WooCommerce powers 21.53% of eCommerce stores? 

WooCommerce is a popular open-source flexible software solution commonly used to build and design responsive eCommerce stores. Being a dominant platform, it has become a common target for fraudulent activities. That’s why it’s important to be vigilant and take necessary precautions for your WooCommerce store. Let’s first understand these common frauds.

What are WooCommerce Frauds?

WooCommerce WordPress Fraud refers to digital theft incidents where a hacker tries to illegally access your website to get sensitive information of customers like bank details, credit cards, and profile passwords and try to attempt fraudulent transactions. Identify theft, merchant fraud, card testing fraud, fake orders, phishing, credit card fraud, and return fraud are some typical WooCommerce frauds.

5 Tips to Avoid Fraudulent Activities in WooCommerce WordPress

Here are some tips to prevent your WooCommerce WordPress store from fraudulent activities-

  • Enabling 2FA on your WooCommerce site

    One of the most effective ways to prevent your WooCommerce site from fraudulent activities is activating two-factor authentication (2FA). It adds an extra layer of safety while logging in to the user account as they are required to authenticate the login request through the registered email or via the app. It restricts illegal access to user accounts and protects customer's sensitive information.

  • Encourage strong password usage

    Another effective trick to restrict fraud orders on your WooCommerce store is to encourage your customers to create strong passwords. Enforcing strict rules while creating a new password like mandatory use of lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, and a symbol can help you achieve this goal.  Executing a strong password policy helps you prevent unauthorized access to customer accounts which further ensures lower cases of fraud.

  • Prefer Anti-Spam Settings and Plugins

    Utilizing anti-spam settings and plugins can also help you prevent fake orders. All you need to do is go to settings and enable security options like email address validation, IP address blocking, and comment moderation to safeguard your website. Installing a security plugin like Akismet is a good option to automatically detect and block spammers on your WooCommerce store.

  • Enforce Secure Payment Gateways

    It’s paramount to pick a reliable and secure payment gateway for your WooCommerce store as it protects your site from illegal access. Preferring payment gateway complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) can help you safeguard the critical data of customers. Some competitive gateways provide robust fraud detection mechanisms helpful in tackling fraudulent activities in your store.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Dashboard

    Keeping an eye on your WooCommerce dashboard can also help you detect and avoid fraud. Regularly checking your dashboard facilitates recognizing suspicious orders, transactions, and activities.

Last Verdict

The cost of safeguarding your WooCommerce store against potential fraud is much more inexpensive for your business than the outcomes of a hacked website. Although WooCommerce is a secure platform, you need to go the extra mile to ensure that your site is safe from fraudsters. We hope these tips proved beneficial in augmenting the security standards of your WooCommerce store.

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