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Secure Your WordPress Website Completely

WordPress Security & Malware Removal Services

How often do you check your website thoroughly for security? Taking daily backups, checking coding glitches, updating new passwords, installing firewalls, scanning malware, etc., can take up a lot of your time, often hard to give in an online business. That said, while you might be busy with marketing, accounting, customer care, and other insane tasks, ignoring security is not a wise decision. But why compromise your customer & website data at all, when you can simply hire experts for WordPress security services.


of WP Websites are hacked due to weak password


WP Website Attacks are made every minute


of WP Websites are outdated & slow


WP websites get hacked each day

Common Mistakes That Make Your WordPress Website Vulnerable

These are some of the basic mistakes that every other WordPress website owner makes due to negligence. Are you one of those? Then you’re risking the safety of both your business & customers.

  • Using the default username “admin”
  • Not updating the default URL “/wp-admin”
  • Keeping deactivated plugins
  • Using outdated WP version
  • Using weak passwords

Congratulations on successfully securing your WordPress website with the above 5 amends and shielding your business from amateur threats. However, it will not be enough against professional hackers & malware.

Installing WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress offers a pool of plugins, some of which come with a “cheap” label and might seem to be a cost-efficient solution. But such plugins can turn out to be actually “cheap” and cost you your whole business by making your WP website vulnerable. Most security plugins, too, are free, but only some are safe.

Our professionals help you identify the safe and most suitable plugin for your business. 
We also offer code audit, speed optimization, and other WordPress security services.

WordPress Security Services We Offer

We offer comprehensive WordPress website security services so you can sit back & take care of your core operations while we take care of its safety.

Security Audit

Our experts perform on-demand regular security audits that include a microscopic analysis of your server, files, code, passwords, themes, plugins, etc., to ensure that no bug or threat can pass through it.

We believe in complete transparency & will share our plan of action before the implementation.

Malware Removal & Hack Recovery

We provide WordPress malware removal services to safeguard your website with add-on measures for protection against malware attacks & other vulnerabilities. In case it’s already attacked with vulnerabilities, our response team takes active steps to recover the website, remove malware, redo spam SEO and prevent future attacks.

Secure Your WordPress Website Completely