WordPress Support and Maintenance Services

WordPress Support and Maintenance Services

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Dedicated Experts For Flawless & Proactive WordPress Support And Maintenance

WordPress is a powerful CMS supporting over 455 million websites globally. But to run an online business successfully, it needs more than updating inventory regularly & taking orders. Do you think your audience would like to visit a slow-loading website? Or would you want to risk your priceless data containing customer & business details to hacking threats? Hire experts for WordPress Support and Maintenance services to keep your website secure & updated with no hassle.


Over 30% of WP Websites use Outdated & Vulnerable Versions


Almost 52% of WP Websites Vulnerabilities come from Plugins


90,000 WP Websites are Attacked Every Minute

Why Need WordPress Maintenance Services?

As WP experts trusted by global businesses, we understand the importance of keeping your website updated with the latest technology. We are a team of techies who care about your business, providing reliable WordPress support and maintenance services to ensure:

No Compromise In Security:

The bigger your website, the more it is prone to security breaches. Our WordPress maintenance services are dedicated to keeping your website updated with the latest version to make sure you do not miss the latest fixes.

Improvement in UX & Accessibility:

A beautiful website without functionalities is like a car without an engine. We make sure that your customers can access every web page with just a few clicks & navigate through your website easily.

Smooth Conversion Flow:

Technical glitches in websites, especially during high traffic days, can hamper the conversion rate. We provide maintenance drills & proactively respond to website issues.

Increased Web Performance:

Website speed is crucial. A slow website can make your customers switch to your competitors in a fraction of minutes. We make sure your website is up & running at all times.

Investment Protection:

Your website is your long-term investment. Our dedicated team of experts keeps it protected as well as enhances its value over time.

WordPress Support Services We Offer

Our WordPress support packages are designed to provide a range of services aimed at creating a truly end-to-end experience for you. We also have a team for WordPress support services available 24*7 to respond to emergencies like security breach, unexpected website errors, etc. Our services include:

WordPress Version Upgrade
WordPress Plugins & Add-ons Upgrade
WordPress 24*7 Support
WordPress Offsite Backups
WordPress Security Drill
WordPress Performance Monitoring
WordPress Theme Upgrade
Server Maintenance
Basic UX/UI changes
Store Product & Content Update
Store Troubleshooting & Bug Fixing
Speed Optimization
Fix Browser Compatibility Issues
Monthly Store Analysis
Traffic Stats and Analysis
Form Testing
Image Optimization
Regular Reporting