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Everyone would tell you how efficient WordPress is for building a website or blog. But no one would say why so? Building a website on WordPress could be flexible, powerful and easy, where WordPress plugins handle most of that.

That is why, in this blog, we choose to speak about WordPress plugins, their work and their purposes. We will also give you a few tips on plugins management, add and more.       

Let’s go!

What are WordPress Plugins?

WordPress is a basic CMS and blogging solution that needs plugins to enhance its features. Plugins are written in a PHP Programming language and made of JavaScript files.

WP plugins are bits of software that are used for expanding and extending your website’s functionality. The building blocks of a WordPress site work for almost every aspect of your site, whether you want to create an online store, boost site speed, add contact forms and improve SEO.    

For WordPress, there are thousands of free plugins that are already available for the website on the platform. Apart from that, tons of commercial plugins are also available from developers and third-party software vendors. 

Note: Before choosing something just like that for a website, make sure you did a pre-research about the same.      

WP Plugin details (Basic to technical)

The best thing about WordPress development is you don’t need to be a developer to use any of the plugins. All you want is some basic details such as how to troubleshoot an issue, how to do customization. 

To create a new plugin in WordPress, follow these steps:

  • Go to the WP installation’s WP-Content directory 
  • Open plugin directory 
  • Create a new directory and name it as per your plugin name 
  • Open this new plugin directory 
  • Create a new PHP file naming it after your plugin  

Applications of WordPress plugins

As we said before, in WordPress, the user does not need to know the code to add features to their website, but WP plugins easily transform their website, for. For example, you can:  

  • Start a jobs board or message forms
  • Run a blog on any subject 
  • Set up a club website 
  • Set up a new website or only photo gallery 
  • Build a full-fledged e-commerce solution  

WordPress plugins can ease your tasks while automatically compressing images, sending emails to new users, hardening security and more. 

Basically, all you have to do is go to the WordPress plugin directory and check, as WP has plugins for almost every function. 

How do WP plugins work?

If you think the plugin might change the core WP files, then it will not. Plugins only integrate with WordPress and hook in a certain place. Plus, as an admin, you can anytime install or uninstall plugins.         

Note: For better security, make sure you uninstall or deactivate those plugins which have not been used for a long time.

WP Plugins considerations before choosing them

From the vast and various plugin collections, it’s hard to choose the best one for your website. Thus, using any plugin only because you need it and found first in a bundle of plugins is not the right way to choose and use them. Here are some crucial considerations:

  • Features and compare them with the ones you need 
  • Plugin ratings and reviews 
  • Number of an active installation 
  • Updates and compatibility  
  • Support 
  • Double-check on Google


Hope you like our inputs on WordPress plugins, their basics to technical details, WP applications, how they work and the consideration you must take before using any plugin. 

However, if you find no plugin for fulfilling your requirements, you can check for our WordPress Plugin Development Services.  

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