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WordPress is one of the leading website development platforms in today’s world. One common question that prevails in every WordPress website owner's mind is how often they need to update their website.

As the popularity of WooCommerce stores rises, it becomes essential to know everything about the WordPress world. Updating the website is indispensable for any eCommerce owner as it helps you fix bugs and improves security.

We have prepared an extensive guide which will answer all your queries concerning WordPress updates. If you still face problems, you can opt for WordPress website maintenance services.

Why consider updating your WordPress website?

Before diving into the question of- ‘How often?’, let us first discuss the importance of updating a WordPress website. Here are a few to name:

  • It offers protection against vulnerabilities as WordPress updates are generally released after core developers identify and fix bugs that may expose your sites to dangers.
  • Unlock the world to new possibilities with regular updates that provide unique and impressive features. WordPress 5.0 is a great example of regular updates that introduced block editors.
  • It enhances the performance of your website. Along with fixing bugs, developers are also interested in bringing updates that enrich page load times and make your website faster. The launching of WordPress 4.2 can be cited as an excellent example that improved JS performance.
  • Sometimes, you might face specific issues while using an old version, and such problems can be easily fixed with updates.

How often should you update your website?

For the best results, we recommend updating your WordPress website as and when required. It will not only help you in resolving the issues you encounter but also allot enough time to the plugins to fix updates. Moreover, you should not forget to timely update themes & plugins on your website.

Never use outdated plugins, as they can cause a security threat and entitle intruders to corrupt your website. Consider deleting/replacing the plugins whose updates have been officially terminated.

To know more about WordPress plugins, click here.

Don’t forget to create a backup

Creating a backup is crucial before updating your website as you can even lose access to your website. Although the chances are minimal, it’s better not to take any risks when all your hard-earned work is at stake. You can make use of various available plugins that will help you with the same.

How to update your WordPress website?

Updating a WordPress website is easy once you know where to look. Log in to your account and navigate over to the dashboard. You will notice a red dot next to Updates. All you need to do is click on the option, and it will show all the possible updates available for you.

This is where you must look for plugins & themes that are no longer required and uninstall them as they can slow your website.

Wrapping Up

It is a critical job for any WordPress website owner to timely update it as they might be missing out on important security updates and other additional features. You should not forget to create a back before updating your website as it may lead to the loss of crucial personal data.

If you want any assistance with WordPress management, feel free to contact us. We at WordPress Website provide you with the finest WordPress Maintenance Services in India with experts having unmatched CMS knowledge to help you stay at the top.

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