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WordPress 5.3.1 Introduces Security and Bug Fixes

WordPress 5.3.1 was released on December 12, 2019, with 46 bug fixes and upgrades. WordPress versions 5.3 and earlier are influenced by some bugs, which are fixed in version 5.3.1. Changes include a few availability enhancements and some security vulnerability fixes. This update introduces numerous changes to the default Twenty Twenty theme.

WordPress version 5.3.1 is a security and maintenance release. All users are urged to update ASAP. For those with auto-updates empowered, updates are currently turning out. Every single important part of WordPress from version 3.7 through 5.3 got the new security fixes.

Security updates

  • Users without the exact consent (ability) could make a post clingy using the REST API.
  • An issue where cross-site scripting (XSS) could be saved in links.
  • Hardening the wp_kses_bad_protocol() work with the goal that it knows about the named colon trait.
  • A saved XSS delicacy using block editor content.

Maintenance updates

  • Enhancements to administrator structure control stature and alignment regularity, dashboard widget links availability and temporary color scheme readability issues.
  • Fix Edge looking over issues and irregular JavaScript issues.
  • Add customizer choice to appear/hide author bio, replace JS-based smooth look with CSS and fix Instagram install CSS.
  • A bug with how permalinks were produced with the new Date/Time changes in WordPress 5.3 has been fixed.
  • Remove CollegeHumor oEmbed supplier as the administration doesn’t exist any longer.
  • Allow the remind period for the administrator email check to be sorted.

Twenty Twenty updates

  • The Twenty Twenty theme began with JavaScript-based, smooth-scroll conduct for anchor links. This component didn’t work effectively in all cases. It also broke anchor links to singular comments when paginated comments were allowed on a site.
  • The old version of Twenty Twenty theme includes CSS-based, smooth-scroll conduct. This enormously clarifies the code by using local conduct. It also works dependent on the client’s diminished change setting for their browser, which upgrades accessibility for the theme.
  • The theme update comes bundled with a new choice for appearing or hiding the post author bio. The setting is accessible under the “Theme Options” segment in the customizer. It is allowed by default and will show the author bio section at the ending of each post over the site.

You can download WordPress 5.3.1 by clicking - WordPress 5.3.1, or visit your Dashboard - Updates and click Update Now. If you are looking for more WordPress updates, news or trends stay updated with our blogs. You can also contact us at https://www.wordpresswebsite.in/contact-us/.

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