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Wordfence Vs Sucuri – Which One Is Best Wordpress Security Plugin?

Both Wordfence and Sucuri are successful and trustworthy security plugins that will retain your website safe and protected. Though both the solution endeavor to protect your website. In this comparison, you will observe, Wordfence vs Sucuri – Which one is the best WordPress security plugin? And there are some essential differences.

Wordfence is the most well-known WordPress security plugin. It introduces an endpoint firewall and malware scanner. Sucuri is a cloud-based platform that works with any content management system (CMS). WordPress is a specialist sector of expertise for Sucuri, and these WordPress plugins can simply be established and set up on your website to help keep it secure.

Let’s check out the essential features provided via Wordfence plugins –

Malware Scanner

The Wordfence scanner examines your website for tracking the malware URLs, or any viruses, and examines all your website’s data, themes, plugins, and posts. It also controls your server. However, the Sucuri malware scanner recognizes if any core WordPress files have been transformed or eliminated. Sucuri alerts you to any file variations on your website, malicious threats, or blacklists.

The key difference between the Sucuri and Wordfence scanners is that the Sucuri malware scanner is a remote scanner, whereas the Wordfence scanner is a server-side. Therefore, the Sucuri scan is far from 100% reliable.

Web application firewall (WAF)

The Wordfence plugin introduces a web application firewall (WAF) that recognizes and tackles malicious traffic. The WAF also flows directly from your server and controls general visitors and activity on your website. Therefore, the Sucuri will scan your website and notify any abnormalities, it in no way blocks attacks.

Ease of Use

You can install Wordfence for free from the WordPress.org plugin catalog. When you have installed the Wordfence plugin, you will be requested to give an email for security alerts, and agree to the terms and conditions of the service. Like Wordfence, you will also locate the free Sucuri plugin in the WordPress storehouse. Once installed, Sucuri will request you to create an API key. This will associate your website with the Sucuri cloud.

Website Security & Performance

The Sucuri CDN provides various techniques for your website security and enhances performance. The Sucuri CDN stores your site content automatically, speeding up by over 70%. By comparison, Wordfence doesn’t offer performance optimization.

DDoS Attack Mitigation

Sucuri offers limitless distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks mitigation in all Web Application Firewall (WAF) plans. Sucuri servers can deal with an enormous amount of malicious traffic whether it is attack size, type, or duration. It doesn’t interrupt your business, only accepts real traffic. Wordfence plugins are unable to perform DDoS mitigation as they don’t offer a CDN.


Both platforms offer specific highlights to the users. We have analyzed all the features and options of these plugins, we believe that Sucuri is the safest WordPress security plugin overall. Now if needed to buy a security plugin for WordPress, we would opt for and recommend Sucuri security as our choice, this is the plugin we as a team would suggest and install on almost of our websites and we have never experienced the hacking incident.

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