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What’s New In WordPress 5.3 Version?

WordPress 5.3 was released a few days ago. It is the latest major WordPress release of 2019, which includes around 150 new highlights and improvements, so we’ve narrowed them down to the top major updates of them. Version 5.3 converges on enhancing the user experience in the blog management tool. It improves the block editor with more spontaneous interactions and increases accessibility. Now there are some advanced layout options and custom variations.

In this post, we incorporate some major updates of version 5.3. Don’t neglect to make a complete WordPress backup before beginning version 5.3.

  1. Twenty-Twenty WordPress Default Theme

Twenty-Twenty is the latest WordPress theme bundled with WordPress 5.3. This theme is bright and colorful and is completely integrated with the Gutenberg Block Editor. Developers will probably dive into the theme files to perceive how a lot of this is practiced on the backend. It also looks fabulous on smaller screens and implements a better reading experience beyond devices.

  1. Large Image Support

WordPress 5.3 introduces enhanced support for uploading high-resolution images. It includes large image exposure and automatically generates a “web-optimized maximum size”. Images are now rapidly resized to 2560px on upload. You can rotate the full-sized uploaded pictures and also enhance the image section, and it is easier to modify the image style.

  1. PHP 7.4 Compatibility

Developers will be glad to know that this new version urges many enhancements to PHP, the code that drives WordPress and intends to completely support PHP 7.4. It contains many improvements to eliminate deprecated functionality and ensure adaptability.

  1. Date/Time Component Fixes

Developers can now operate with dates and timezones more reliably. Date and time functionality has introduced some new API functions to consolidate timezone retrieval and PHP interoperability.

  1. Site Health

This new version introduced the site health feature and also makes it easier to recognize issues. Site health features analyze various aspects of your WordPress server setup. The most important advantage is the check for antiquated PHP versions and urging admins to upgrade PHP.

  1. Email Verification

You’ll now be infrequently approached to verify the admin email address is up to date when you sign-in as administrator. It acquaints administrator email verifications to ensure the main admin contact email address is accurate. In the case of WordPress password resets or technical errors, a valid E-mail address is required.

  1. Automated Image Rotation

Images are now precisely rotated to EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) orientation metadata. The image orientation property implements a process to specify a rotation to be applied to an image. You can easily rotate the full-sized uploaded images and also improve the image section. Now the style of the image can easily be modified.

  1. Change Color of Heading Blocks

WordPress version 5.3 now allows controls for text and background color. The default colors may be emitted by your WordPress theme (as in Twenty Twenty). You can also use the custom color section for color picker. Version 5.3 permits you to choose a color for sub-headings inside your articles or blogs.

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