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How To Differentiate Custom WordPress Theme And WordPress Theme Customization?

From the surface, custom WordPress themes and WordPress theme customization look semantic in terms. But, as a WordPress development company, we dive deep every day and know it is not. We work daily on various WordPress development projects and can explain these wisely. As we think it is high time for a non-tech in this field to be aware of this technical variation.

In this article, we will discuss each tiny WordPress theme customization technicalities. So in the future, when you hand over your project, you can understand it better.  

Explaining Custom WordPress Themes

Custom WordPress theme is a business website, which prepares from sketches, Adobe XD, InDesign, Photoshop, Figma, or any other designing tools. After that, the design piece is handed over to the developers. They built a custom front-end and hooked it up with a WordPress installation, which is an essential working website version of designs. 

In short, these themes are opposite to pre-built WordPress themes.

Understanding WordPress Theme Customization

WordPress theme customization is customizing WordPress themes. The process most commonly used to set up a WordPress website via a pre-built theme. As the word customization explains it all, editing is something that is pre-existed.

For example, you have purchased a theme from ThemeForest( WordPress theme marketplace). And after choosing several templates and page builders, the further process you’re performing is customization.

Customization includes many activities, such as setting up pages with needful templates and filling them with creativity such as content, images, infographics, etc.     

The Levels of Theme Customization

In this website development spectrum, you will understand why and where both of them come in a frame. Both theme customization has respective places in the development world. 

WordPress crosses every layer of site development and fits well in each prospect and level. Let’s discuss them below.           

  • Easy-to-use Website Builders – The simplest one! In this first category, you can create a site with site-builders without any technical skills. In this space, you can either set a WordPress.org website or opt for a non-WordPress solution with drag-and-drop functionality. Wix or Squarespace are leading examples of this type of website builder. 
  • Theme Customization – In the second category, WordPress theme customizations take place. Here you purchase a WordPress theme (downloaded a free one) and host a site wherever you want to. In this case, accessible plugins and WordPress developers can create an out-of-the-box website for you. Now you can do a bit more custom work than hosted drag-and-drop tools.
  • Custom Themes – In the third category, custom themes turn up. Instead of making a site just like someone else’s, it works with templated solutions. And you’ll get a well-tailored website as per your business needs. However, it demands help from both expert WordPress developers and designers. There are many other CMS’s (Content Management Systems) platforms like Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and more. However, to get a small or mid-sized website, without any jargon, this type of theme will work beyond your expectations. 
  • Big websites – In the fourth one, the big enterprise-level websites are produced. And you have to find WordPress development professionals for that. There are famous examples available, using WordPress as their promising land such as Facebook, CNN, Time Inc, etc.      

In this type of developing build-up, you need more than a “normal” WordPress development company. 

We have discussed all the required knowledge of custom themes and theme customization. So we can hope that you can differentiate them and understand where and when you could use them. If you are looking for more WordPress updates, news, or trends stay updated with our blogs. If you looking for a WordPress theme customization service provider then you can also contact us at https://www.wordpresswebsite.in/contact-us/.

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