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Check The Latest Wordpress Development And Design Trends In 2020

From its origin in 2003 to 2020, WordPress has revolutionary change with 100’s of plugins, tools, themes, mobile responsiveness and libraries release with its lots of versions. The platform is serving 10 million+ websites across the globe. Every year a lot has been considered for WordPress development which is filled with the release of new features. This year 2020, some website design trends will take the centre stage, especially the WordPress trends. Let’s shed some light on such WordPress development and design trends:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence helps developers to automate tasks. AI making it easy to handle the website and provide a much better user experience in the form of better WordPress searches, grow sales of e-commerce, conversion improvement, grammar check, detect spam comments, SEO(search engine optimization)  tips, etc.

Live Chats and Chatbots

It’s good to be available for your customers, but being present at every single moment becomes a little difficult. Live Chats and Chatbots allow an organization to stay in touch with their customers even if they are not present. You must have noticed the tags “we are online” or “we are here for you” on websites, where you can chat with bots for website related queries.

Voice Search Optimization

In SEO world Voice searches are well known, as “Demand of the future”. But the truth is, more than 40% of searchers are already started searching with voice search. It is a huge reason behind, WordPress SEO experts started working on the techniques, which are beneficial for voice searches.

Multi-Purpose Themes

The multi-purpose themes of WordPress make it possible to build each type of website with all features that any website needs. After all, the look of the website is the first thing that attracts the visitor.  The ability to cover a large number of websites is a reason; WordPress is leading in the race of trending themes.


The speed at which shops are going online, making it difficult to ignore the need for better E-Commerce websites. WordPress WooCommerce development serves all those features that break the limits of an e-commerce store. In 2020 subscription-based services, tailored buying and personalized mobile shopping are gonna be the hot topic of the plate.


Smartphones, nowadays, come with advanced features that can do multifold tasks with much ease. If you happen to be a website owner or online business owner, then you must be able to present the users with mobile-friendly sites and interface to optimize their experience.

Website Builders

WordPress website builders have made the lives of professionals simpler. For now, what they have to do is just select a theme, create a login and choose a service option. It is an outstanding solution for people with zero coding knowledge. All it takes a little time and creative energy and you can have a beautiful website up and running in no time.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR are technologies growing fast. Virtual reality innovation is making its mark and carrying with it. The 360-degree scrolled images and 3D videos are trending because that’s what people want to see now something unique and innovative.

WordPress is dynamically changing with these trends in 2020. The latest web development trends are making it easy to get, what you want as a website. But if you are troubling with it, or need experts to set your WordPress website with these trending features of WordPress, contact us for WordPress website development services.

If you are looking for more WordPress updates, news or trends stay updated with our blogs:https://www.wordpresswebsite.in/our-blog/.

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