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Toward Zero: Reducing and Offsetting WordPress Website Maintenance

For constant growth & smooth-running WordPress site, it’s crucial to perform website maintenance regularly. But the harsh reality is, only a few invest time in it, as it is massively time-consuming. Including the amount of time, you also have to work like a beaver for it. In such, the question arises? If you invest this much in WordPress Website Maintenance, when will you follow the growth?

Just like a tiny screw can imbalance the machine, a code or malfunctioning can also affect the entire website performance and influxes vulnerability.

It’s not the same as the good old days when you set-and-forget. Today, you have to worry about a bagful of matters. That’s why WordPress says- “A website development always leads by the fear of security harm”. To understand the significance of website maintenance, you must understand the process first.

A short insight: What is WordPress maintenance?

WordPress site maintenance is a process to work on a variety of collective tasks to monitor and improve the performance of WordPress sites. The practice enhances all security, performance, quality with this ongoing attention, as site issues can appear in a day, month or year.

Security, backups, updates…so on, maintenance is a full-packed duty. And in this article, we teach you how to perform it like a Pro.       

Why Perform WordPress Maintenance?

  1. Security- It is the most vital point when someone calls for a site maintenance service. Yes, everyone invests in high-quality antiviruses, but with the enhancement of technology, you don’t want to rely on only them.

In such wise, having a WordPress maintenance service on your side can help you with every security matter.

  1. Backups- To save efforts, time and money, it’s better to have a backup and save from the painful process called starting from scratch. When you hire a site maintenance staff, they keep time-to-time site backup, so if somehow you lose site, you don’t have to perform it all over again.
  2. Updates- To enjoy the latest features and security benefits, the regular site updates matters. Our WordPress maintenance service professionals handle your sites’ back-end and do it for you.

There are two ways to update a site, which are:

  1. Core update
  2. Themes & plugins update

Note- If there is a security update, do it ASAP.

  1. Cache removal- Yes, cache files help websites to load faster. But over a time, they started occupying the quality space of your site and demanded to be eliminated.

It boosts the site speed and website performance for search engines and site visitors.

  1. Database optimization- Database is site core structural data. And while optimization, you perform many other things such as removal of unnecessary information, post trans and many more other things.

Apart from above mentioned tasks, many other frequently needed tasks also require attention such as clearing the Media Library, deleting spam comments, and fixing broken links etc.

After all, it costs more, if you do not maintain it on time.

Best practice list of WordPress site maintenance –

In this part of the article, we will shed light on the best ways by which you can maintain your site.

List of maintenance tactics-

  1. Website speed audits
  2. Broken links checkups
  3. Latest version upgrade
  4. Delete spam comments
  5. Theme and plugin updates
  6. Security monitoring
  7. Increase memory limits
  8. Check affiliate links
  9. Malware scanning
  10. Take daily backups

Apart from the top 10 WordPress site maintenance tactics, there is an entire stockpile you should look at. However, as we mention in the starting of the article, it is a skilful time-consuming process. And performing it by yourself can be a bit risky. Although, experts of WordPress Support And Maintenance Services can be a trusted partner to share the burden.

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