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Top WordPress Podcasting Plugins You Must Know

Many folk desire podcasting facilities on their WordPress website. Since its inception podcasting is growing in popularity. More and more people are listening to podcasts. WordPress is a leading platform used for websites. It’s a very good idea to have podcasting functionality on WordPress websites. Though there are many WordPress podcasting plugins some are better than the rest. We take a look at some of the best plugins existing today.

Blubrry PowerPress

This WordPress podcast plugin enjoys immense popularity. It also boasts of excellent reviews. This plugin’s features include subscription tools as well as multiple audio and video player options. The unique thing about this plugin is the incorporation of SEO fields. The good thing about this plugin is that it’s free. Blubrry earns revenue by paid access to dedicated podcast hosting and/or advanced statistics. It is not mandatory to have these subscriptions to employ the plugin.

Libsyn Podcast Plugin

This is a high-quality plugin for WordPress podcasting. Libsyn is a well-known podcast hosting service. This particular plugin has the ability to connect any user’s WordPress site to their respective Libsyn account. The podcast feed is stored on Libsyn servers and not on the WordPress hosting server. It includes an HTML5 compatible media player and offers bespoke mobile apps for Windows, iOS as well as Android devices. This plugin can be employed by existing Libsyn podcasters to reach other audience via the WordPress platform.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Many folks may desire to kick off podcasting without investing money. Then this plugin is the right fit. It is very user-friendly and targeted at folk who find it difficult to use advanced podcast settings. This plugin’s setup is a brief and swift process. Even beginners can understand as well as use the interface. The plugin is equipped with shortcodes as well as widgets which enable you to seamlessly run podcast episodes in any part of your website.

Smart Podcast Player

This plugin is superior to other plugins in that it offers the best user experience via a very well designed HTML5 player. The player adheres to responsive design principles. Hence it looks beautiful even on mobile devices. This plugin is very simple to implement as well as offers solid support for its setup as well as customization. It is perfect for ramping up your audience swiftly as well as effectively. This is a premium WordPress plugin offering a contemporary as well as an interactive audio player. The brain behind the former is the professional blogger and entrepreneur Pat Flynn.


Through this plugin, you can develop images, videos as well as slideshows which gives you an edge over other existing plugins. It is suitable for businesses or bloggers who post audio or video only occasionally.

The Buzzsprout Podcasting plugin is designed for podcasters who occasionally broadcast. A modular, as well as customizable user experience, is provided by the Podlove Podcast Publisher plugin.

You should be clear about your long-term and short-term requirements and expectations. Also, do research and compare plugins before shortlisting them for your personal or professional purpose.

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