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Top Tips To Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

You have a WordPress site in operation. The site may be used for business purposes or just for blogging. Today we have many cyberattacks bringing sites down. Obviously, you do not want anybody to be able to hack your site. We look at useful tips to keep your WordPress site secure.

Use complex and long passwords

Simple and short passwords are vulnerable to be guessed by hackers. Use passwords that are difficult to guess instead. Include security questions as an additional barrier to login.

Include 2-factor authentication

In this technique, a password has to be entered plus an authorization code dispatched to your registered mobile phone.

Install WordPress updates without fail

WordPress updates are designed to fix security vulnerabilities. Installing the former bolsters the security of your website. Also, make sure you have upgraded to the latest version of WordPress for superior security. Regularly update WordPress themes and plugins.

Take back up of your sites regularly

This way even if the worst happens you can get back your site to a working condition.

Limit and restrict user access

It is better not to grant too many individuals access. Only give access to folks who absolutely require it. Also, just grant the minimum permissions possible to do their work.

Use email id as username

This is because email ids are unique. Then the username is more difficult to guess by hackers than other types of usernames. Also, you may forget usernames but will definitely remember your email id.

Make brute attacks difficult

If there are a certain number of failed login tries lockdown the website and immediately send a warning to the owner of the website. This stops hackers from a favorite technique to hack a website namely brute attacks.

Have a quality and reliable anti-virus software

You usually use a personal device to log in to your website. If the security of your personal device is inadequate it could be used by hackers to penetrate your WordPress website. Hence don’t skimp on money or procrastinate to get good quality and reputed anti-virus software.

Never have ‘admin’ as your username

Usually, hackers have an easier time hacking your site if you have kept ‘admin’ as your administrator username. Many people make the mistake of using ‘admin’ as the username. Change it to a complex username to keep hackers at bay.

Check your website regularly

Some people check their WordPress only once in a while. This is a bad practice. Monitor your website regularly for possible cyber attacks.

Limit access to admin panel

Restrict the IP addresses permitted to access /wp-admin/ part of your WordPress site.

Create an alternative admin user

Create a new user and grant him/her admin permission. Next login with the fresh admin username and remove the earlier admin account.

Monitor the website for malware

Make sure to implement a reliable and reputed malware tracking and removing the system.

Now you have some useful information to protect your WordPress website from security threats. It is imperative to put knowledge into action and not waste any precious time to bolster your site.

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