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Top Reasons to Choose WordPress Over other CMS Platforms

Though there are many paid and free CMS’s available in the market WordPress is considered by far to be the best. We look at the reasons to select WordPress over other contemporary CMS platforms.

It is free

When you are beginning a new business, it is essential to keep the budget as low as you can. The money saved by opting for a free CMS can be used in other important facets of business such as customer service or sales and marketing.

A Plethora of plugins and themes

There exist many free and paid WordPress plugins and themes in the market. Depending on how you want your website to look you can choose a theme. If you want to add new functionality to your site chances are there is already a plugin developed for the same.

Easy to access as well as use

Multiple users can access the CMS from any geographical location and at any time. It is simple to update existing posts, add fresh pages, videos as well as images every day and in practically no time.

Extremely scalable

Development of this CMS is modular in nature. Hence you can introduce features, sections as well as content to the site with ease. This permits you to have your CMS in sync with the market’s ever-changing trends as well as the needs and expectations of your business.

Mobile friendly

The CMS is well configured as well as compatible for mobile devices too. If your expectations are high then you can make use of a plugin termed WPTouch to make the CMS even more mobile-friendly.

Free upgrades

As WordPress is an open-source platform it cost nothing to upgrade the CMS. In other CMS’s upgrading to the latest release is expensive as well as takes considerable time.

Software updates on a regular basis

The CMS is served by a dedicated security team that puts in effort round the clock to make security tools better. You are provided with fresh software updates that serve to fix any kind of vulnerability on your CMS.

Latest SEO features

The platform has a plethora of tools to help the site figure high in major search engine results. The CMS is packed with the latest SEO features as well as specifically designed to be SEO friendly.

Large community

If your CMS doesn’t function seamlessly at all times you lose out on visitor traffic and hard-earned reputation. WordPress has a large, active and global community of users who provide valuable guidance and solutions.

Ease of customization

Everyone’s requirements and expectations are different. This CMS is very versatile and can be easily tweaked to meet any kind of requirements.

Finally, this CMS offers higher security than other CMS’s. No wonder it is the preferred CRM in the market today.

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