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Top AI-powered WordPress Plugins

WordPress has become one of the top-rated website development platforms. 43.2% of the websites on the internet are powered by this robust Content Management System (CMS).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is present everywhere today and has eased complex issues in almost every field. WordPress has also utilized AI to improve its user experience. Although WordPress plugins empower users to extend the existing functionalities or add new functionalities, introducing AI technology into it will further change the game.

Let’s have a look at some of the best AI-powered WordPress Plugins that you must consider in 2023-

  • Speaker: It becomes quite tedious for visitors to read what you post on your website, especially when you share a long-form detailed blog. The Speaker is an excellent WordPress add-on that lets users turn text into synthesized speech. It effectively converts written text into human-sounding speech with over 235 voices in 40+ languages and variants. It’s built on Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) standard which facilitates customizing the voiceover for each blog post. It provides you complete flexibility over pauses, intonation, and the standard human number reading format.

  • SEOPress: SEOPress is a powerful WordPress plugin that offers an intuitive interface to optimize one’s site for search engines. SEOPress is powered by AI which makes it unique from other available SEO WordPress plugins. You can generate automated SEO metadata (meta titles and descriptions) using this plugin as it analyzes your post content. It can handle hundreds of web pages, hence even big online merchants can rely on this mighty plugin. We can expect more advancements to this plugin in the coming years as AI evolves. 

  • CodeWP: Need help with coding in WordPress? CodeWP is a one-stop plugin specifically designed to write WordPress codes as per your needs. It’s an effective alternative for those with non-technical backgrounds and dealing with budget constraints to hire developers. CodeWP is a revolutionary AI code generator that provides an extensive library of ready-to-go code snippets that can be imported into and used on websites immediately. This plugin saves time and money of the website owner.

  • Bertha AI: Bertha AI is another useful AI-powered WordPress plugin that uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model. After installation, you will see a new animated figure in all text windows across your site, including the WordPress editor. You can reuse the content generated by Bertha AI including section headings and entire paragraphs as it is automatically saved. Moreover, this plugin also generates product descriptions while recommending long-tail keywords and SEO description tags which adds up to your SEO game and improves your rankings. 

Artificial Intelligence-powered WordPress plugins are extremely powerful and can help you develop high-end websites with numerous functionalities. We hope this comprehensive guide briefed you on the top-rated WordPress plugins and their usefulness. We can expect the AI to power more plugins, which will help us take the development game to the next level.

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