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Top 10 Plugins Every WordPress Site Must Have

WordPress is a highly popular platform which is specifically designed to be flexible. If your WordPress powered website doesn’t have certain features and functionality then don’t worry as there would already be an existing plugin with the necessary features. We look at certain plugins which are a must on your WordPress website.


This contact form plugin is extremely beginner-friendly. It uses drag and drops technique for creating forms for different purposes with considerable ease as compared with other plugins. Hence it is a breeze to make forms for contacting your company, subscribing to emails as well as placing orders and making payments. There are a free basic version and a paid advanced version of this useful plugin.


This plugin’s web application firewall will monitor as well as protect your website from all existing type of attacks. The latter include brute force attacks, DDoS, XSS attacks, malware threats, and others. So, if your website lacks a firewall then install this security plugin.


This plugin doesn’t cost anything for personal sites. However, there is a subscription fee for commercial sites. This plugin goes through each comment and filters out the spam comments.

Yoast SEO

This popular plugin guides you to craft superior content as well as enhance search results ranking. It enables you to create content which is valuable as well as useful to visitors. The advantage of this powerful plugin is that it does all the technical work to make your site more SEO friendly.

Google XML Sitemaps

This is a leading WordPress plugin that creates an XML sitemap for your site. By taking this step Google finds it easier to crawl as well as read your site thus ramping up site rankings on major search engines.


This plugin does away with the hassles of developing as well as operating an online store with WordPress. It is immensely useful to eCommerce sites making them run seamlessly with high performance.


This is a popular email marketing plugin designed to track leads. Site owners can better comprehend the audience as well as their behavior by displaying their actions while on the website.

Social Metrics Tracker

This powerful WordPress plugin monitors the performance of the site’s content on the various social media platform. You get a better insight on which aspects are popular and what to enhance on your site.

W3 Total Cache

If you want to ramp up the speed as well as the performance of your site then adding this plugin will do the job. The plugin employs caching to boost site speed making folk stay on your site for more time duration.

Broken Link Checker

This is a free plugin. It scans the site for broken links and remedies the problem.

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