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Steps to Create Promotional eBooks on WordPress|wordpresswebsite.in

Creating an eBook seems interesting, right? Those who have tried to publish an eBook are aware of how tedious the process can get. 

An eBook or electronic book is a softcopy of non-editable text that is displayed on an electronic device via any platform. WordPress also offers this opportunity for those with a flair to write. You can connect with your audience and share anything you wish with the help of a WordPress eBook.

To ease the process, we have prepared a simple guide that will help you efficiently write and publish your first WordPress eBook.

  • Selecting the Right Tools for Your eBook

    It’s crucial to first choose the right set of tools that will help you build a creative eBook. Creating an eBook requires more formatting tools as compared to blog posts. 

    To start with, you can use Google Docs or Microsoft Word to write your eBook. Next comes formatting & conversion, where you can utilize tools like PublishXpress and PosterMyWall which allow you to convert files into .epub and .mobi formats and design custom book covers respectively. Additionally, you can also use Pressbooks and Calibre to effectively plan, write, edit, format, and publish e-books right from your dashboard. 

  • Moving on to the Writing Part

    Now that you’ve got a fair idea about the helping tools, it’s time to run down your fingers on the keyboard and start writing the content. Since it is a tedious as well as frustrating procedure, we recommend following a process for this phase. Let us have a look at this process:

    • Pick a Topic: You need to pick an appropriate topic for your WordPress eBook. It’s best to choose the topic in which you have expertise so that you can explain things in a less complicated way.

    • Lots of Research: Next step is to perform research on the chosen topic. It lets you decide which parts should you add to your eBook and which ones to ignore. You must try to add as much interesting information to the eBook as possible.

    • Draw the first draft: It’s time to begin writing the content for your eBook. Since it is your first draft, you can delay the editing work for now. Write whatever you think must be suitable for the audience. 

    • Editing the draft: Put your glasses on and start with the editing work. Check for grammar mistakes, missing words, typos, word repetition, and especially the writing flow.

  • Formatting your WordPress eBook

    Once you are done with the editing work, your eBook requires adequate layout and formatting. Formatting your eBook is vital to render correctly across different displays, particularly for mobile screens. To reduce compatibility issues, we suggest converting your file into pdf, Mobi, or ePub formats. These are popular eBook formats and offer a wide range of compatibility.

  • Publishing your eBook

    After all this hard work, you are finally ready to publish your eBook on the platform. One can directly post their eBook on WordPress by uploading it and simply pressing the “Publish” button. However, since it requires you to pay attention to the details, you can alternatively opt to hire eBook distribution services from known companies like Smashwords, Draft2Digital, and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. It can prove to be a game-changer for you as you don’t need to worry about the publishing requirements.

We hope this guide will assist you in creating and publishing promotional eBooks on WordPress. It’s a good option for sharing your knowledge with the world and bringing in some organic traffic. You can write your own story or even share useful information for your audience to get their views.

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