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Optimize WordPress Website Loading Speed

Are you worried about the slow loading speed of your website? Almost every online store owner faces this problem, which is why it becomes necessary to address suggestions that can boost your speed.

The speed of a website matters a lot, especially when you own an eCommerce store. As per studies, even a one-second delay in loading your webpage can result in a 7% loss in conversions, 11?wer page views, and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

Slow loading websites can also lead to a drop in search engine rankings. Let us discuss some tips that will help you optimize your WordPress website page loading speed without coding.  

4 Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Website Page Loading Speed

1) Install a WordPress Caching Plugin:

WordPress goes through a specific process to find the required information, put it all together, and then display it to your user. The lengthy process involves various steps and can significantly slow down your site when multiple visitors access it.  

Installing a WordPress caching plugin can help you optimize the loading speed by making a copy of the webpage after the first load and then serving this version to everyone, letting it load immediately.

WordPress offers you a lot of options for Caching Plugins like WP Rocket (premium) or WP Super Cache (free) for this purpose.

2) Opt for a CDN:

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network which helps in speeding up the loading speed of your website. The geographical location of your web hosting servers can leave an immense impact on your site’s speed.

For example, if your web hosting servers are located in India, users operating your website from the same country will get a faster loading speed than users from other countries.

Content Delivery Network comprises global servers. Each server in the network stores “static” files which are used to make up your website. Every time a user accesses your website, they will be served with these files from the closest server in range.

4) Make use of the Lazy Loading feature:

Inserting multiple images or videos on your website can adversely affect your website as it increases the loading time of your site.

Lazy Loading is an excellent feature of WordPress that enables your website to load only the images appearing on the screen of users. Instead of loading every image simultaneously, it downloads the image one by one as the user scrolls down your site.

You can use this feature for images, videos, and even WordPress comments and Gravatars and notice a significant increase in the loading time. This feature will be enabled by default in WordPress 5.4.

5) Use Speed Optimized Themes:

WordPress offers profuse themes for your website. Some of them might even slow your loading speed.

You need to be extremely careful while selecting a theme and must prefer to choose one with speed optimization. Always opt for themes having minimum animations and simpler layouts for your site.

We recommend using themes like StudioPress, Themify, CSSIgniter, and Astra that are well coded and optimized for high speed.

Final Verdict

We hope this guide provided you with some useful tips to boost your WordPress website page loading speed. It is advisable to opt for a simple & speedy theme and consider adding the apt plugins to extend its functionalities.

Are you still struggling with the speed of your site? We at WordPress Website offer you the best WordPress Support & Maintenance Services and our experts guide you towards achieving your goals. Contact us today to get a quote on your project.

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