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Shaping the Future of eCommerce with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Did you know that the eCommerce industry is growing at a tremendous rate of 23% year-over-year?

eCommerce (online trading) is the latest trend in the industry and it has completely taken over traditional businesses. Every small or large enterprise today looks forward to building an online presence that best reflects their end goals.

With the introduction of advanced technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), the game has entirely changed. Businesses can utilize them to ensure an interactive and immersive shopping experience for their customers.

Role of Augmented Reality in eCommerce

Augmented Reality is a powerful tool that merges the online and physical shopping experiences for customers. AR facilitates buyers in making informed decisions while purchasing products by enabling them to interact with products they wish to purchase online in an interactive way.

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce website builders that has recognized the immersive role of AR in eCommerce and successfully integrated it into their platform. With the launch of this latest feature, buyers can seamlessly view their favorite products in the real-world environment with their smartphones and other compatible devices. This feature has become more of a necessity for several industries, offering a new way of interacting with online products and making an informed decision by personalizing the product’s color, style, and size.

However, looking at the overwhelming advantages of integrating AR into their eCommerce store, many popular brands have started providing this feature to their customers. These include IKEA (furniture retailer), Converse (footwear retailer), and Sephora (makeup brand).

Role of Virtual Reality in eCommerce

Virtual Reality offers the exact opposite features and takes you to a totally different journey by unlocking a new virtual world. VR technology can help you ensure a next level shopping experience by allowing customers to explore digital environments and interact with products in an incredible way.

As VR is a newly launched technology, not everyone is familiar with the possible outcomes of integrating it to their eCommerce store. On the other hand, few brands identified its true potential and took a shot. Alibaba, the leading Chinese eCommerce brand, recently launched a virtual store and set a leading example. After equipping VR headsets, customers get access to a virtual shopping environment where they can browse different products, go through reviews, and interact with other buyers.

In this competitive eCommerce world, utilizing robust tools like AR and VR can be a game changer for your business. It lets enterprises deliver unforgettable, interactive, and personalized shopping experiences for their customers and visitors. Moreover, integrating such technologies offers higher conversion rates, helps build long-term brand loyalty, and ensures augmented customer engagement.

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