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Are You Aware With Latest 2020 SEO Trends For Optimization?

In this high-tech era, if you don’t implement trendy hacks, it becomes impossible for you to compete. In the case of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you have to keep yourself updated with the latest SEO trends 2020. These trends are those techniques that help you to rank high even in this high competition of ranking. Here is the detailed information on those latest SEO trends, which you should follow to rank high in 2020.

Visual Search

These types of searches are becoming popular in this day and age, as with the help of them, you can search with images instead of texts. In visual searches, the artificial intelligence scans the particular image understands the element and then provides results for similar data. If your site has the same information, only then your site will show in the results.

Voice Search

Voice searches are important, as, in this fast era of technology, no one wants to waste their time – typing long in the search bar. At this time voice search plays an important role plus affects Search Engine Optimization in many other ways. It’s all about asking a question through a voice instead of entering the search queries as 20% of mobile queries are voice searches. So you have to keep some facts in mind such as:

  • Write in conversational content using normal language, the same way as people talk.
  • Add long-tail keywords and question keywords in your content.
  • Make sure that you have mobile-friendly and a fast website as voice search device picks and answers according to it.

On-Page Optimization

It is one of the essential processes, which you can use to achieve a higher rank. You can figure out so many other issues such as speed, content, technical content (title, description, tags, links) and much more with the help of On-page Optimization. The right techniques of On-page SEO is an evergreen tread for optimization.


To resolve the difficulty of distance and provide the searched solution as near as possible, Google came up with GMB (Google my business). It provides Geographical-location of your businesses, which helps searchers to get solutions near them, and business to appear at the top of the search results that occur in their respective location.

Use of Video/Images/Animation

Video, images and special animated graphics are quite a trendy type of content nowadays, as users like to understand products with the help of these. These contents are easy to grasp because the human brain understands visuals better. The short clips rather than the text are interesting though. Users can quickly obtain specific information about the service or product.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page is all the things you could be doing to boost the online rankings of your site. Business owners are probably aware that one of the most effective hacks of business is Google reviews. Off-page, digital marketing experts maintain your social media accounts and keep you active in the eyes of social media users. It also helps to build backlinks but a sophisticated way is important to maintain.

Use of Snippets

It is the extra information, which you could see in the top results on search engines. It depends on what kind of snippet you have created, then it will show the same extra information just below the title and description of your site. It could be blog titles, FAQ sections, photos, etc. The shown information is crucial for every website holder to attract the searcher to click on their search result.


Smartphones become the most useful medium for searches. As everyone does not have computers, but they have smartphones. Smartphones are better to carry with oneself and you can search from anywhere. In another case, Wikipedia is showing a lot in its snippets which is not available for phones so one can grab your place there, which is only possible if your website is mobile-friendly.

All disclosed trends are important to perform with the respected sites. But the missing point is, people are not doing it aesthetically. Only an expert team of WordPress SEO services knows how to carry out these techniques effectively, but in a natural manner.

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