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Key Advantages of PSD to WordPress Conversion

A PSD file is a Photoshop document created by Adobe Photoshop. It has image files with support for multiple vector paths, pictures, objects, filters as well as text. PSD to WordPress conversion has become popular nowadays. We explore the benefits of PSD to WordPress conversion from the business owner’s perspective.

Greater exposure

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS. Many businesses use the WordPress platform. Switching to PSD to WordPress results in greater reach and more business for enterprises.

E-commerce integration

There are many WordPress e-commerce plugins available today. The latter seamlessly integrates with different payment gateways. WordPress offers SSL security to protect against cyber threats. Using WordPress, you can offer a full-fledged e-commerce site to your business’s customers.

Pixel Perfect Web Design

PSD to WordPress conversion results in pixel-perfect web design. Each pixel is taken into account and leveraged to give the cleanest and sharpest look possible to the site. The designs look great and sharp across browsers. WordPress harnesses pixel grid for aligning the items of the final images as well as maximize the image’s sharpness.

The platform is free

WordPress is an open-source platform and is absolutely free to use. It is simple and easy to install. In WordPress, you simply did the task of PSD to WordPress conversion with the help of WordPress expert.


With time your business may expand or shrink. WordPress websites can be easily and quickly scaled up or down as per the requirement.

Potent blogging platform

WordPress is ideal for blogging purposes. Blogs draw more traffic to your WordPress website resulting in more business, revenue as well as profits. Blogging in WordPress is simple, quick and very effective.

SEO friendly

There exist many WordPress SEO plugins. When incorporated in your website they make it rank higher on search engine page results. As a result, there is higher visibility resulting in more business, revenue, and profits. Each page of any WordPress website comprises of inbuilt meta tag, meta description, meta titles where you need to insert relevant keywords in order to ramp up SEO.

Cross-browser compatibility

This involves the insertion of code by developers resulting in it working seamlessly across different browsers. The website will look and work the same regardless of the type of browser.

W3C validated and versatile

The website adheres to the W3C guidelines. There are thousands of plugins available which can be harnessed to customize your WordPress website. Plugins can be installed directly without altering the source code.

Mobile friendly

The layouts obtained post PSD to WordPress conversion are relatively more responsive as well as dynamic to the visitor. As it seamlessly adapts to all existing screen resolutions ranging from desktop to mobile it caters to all prospective customers. WordPress delivers mobile-friendly designs. The latter give simplified maps, navigation, call to action and superior user experience.

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