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What Are The New Features In WooCommerce 4.0?

Recently, WordPress released its new WooCommerce 4.0 version. This version has the new admin interface, in which users can experience the facilities of the new dashboard, improved reports, and better notification experience. Other than that, new store management tools serve the whole new WooCommerce experience to users by adding the value. It might seem, the primary focus of the update, was to provide a more React-driven experience to WordPress users.

You should fulfill some requirements first, to take all the advantages, here are the pre-requirements -

The Pre-requirements of WooCommerce 4.0

  • To run WooCommerce 4.0 smoothly, you should have a WordPress 5.3 version.
  • The 4.0 requires 5.6.0 PHP or higher than that version, to run it. But If you want to work more smoothly, the 7.2.0 version or higher than would be the best.
  • The WooCommerce version 3.6.0 or higher than that, is required if you want to install the latest version.
  • To run it with WooCommerce, MYSQL 5.0 or higher than that version should be required.

Now, let’s talk about the served features, you will get with this new version of WooCommerce 4.0.

WooCommerce Admin

The new javascript-based admin will help you to manage the store better. With its central dashboard, you can access the functions such as analytics and reporting statistics. Apart from that, there are some other features included in this new version to save your time, take a look all of them in detail –

Dashboard – The admin panel is designed around the central dashboard so it can simplify the workflow. To enact the store needs, the reports are customized to set the specific date ranges. You can also categorize the information to get the sales data in one place. Aside from that, all the settings are stored on a per-user basis, So if you have a store with multiple users, each member can find information quickly.

Enhance Reporting Tools – This new version 4.0, can report the data with 14 different data points. The filtered data helps you in many aspects such as cost reduction, optimized supply management, and sales improvement. The reporting feature displays a quick overview of the performance of your site. Some of the points are listed below, which can see in the report overview.

  • Total sales and Net sales
  • Orders and Average order value
  • Returns and Shipping
  • Downloaded CSV files
  • Revenue and Customers
  • Stock availability
  • Quickly filter data
  • Compared date periods

All these reports are based on specific customers’, country, emails, and numerical values.

Simplify The Notification – As this new version of WooCommerce, provides a better customer view, now you can easily access the notifications. With the help of this, one can search via using filters. The new inbox system (notification) is based on different variables such as track and export details, and in case of a customer details list, you can download it.

Improved Store Management Tool – To use the main screen of the platform, one can search via using filters and different segments. Now you don’t have to waste your time on segregating the information. It isolates into the inbox, review, order, stock, and notices, so you can click on a particular one, to get your type of information. Other than that, the rest of the things can be done with the API activity panel.

The other additional updates WordPress has done in WooCommerce 4.0

If you think WordPress only adds the new admin features to this new version of WooCommerce, then you are wrong.


Here is the list of the other additional updates, WordPress add in this new version, WooCommerce 4.0 –

  • Email handling enhancements
  • Wide payment options availability
  • Improved order edit screen
  • Better client-side preparation for variation saving
  • Fixes for WooCommerce Blocks package
  • Brexit and VAT updates

Moreover, after this update, WooCommerce becomes much more convenient for its users. It is the high time to try Woocommerce for your online store, and if you are also planning the same, don’t forget to hire the best WooCommerce Development Company to get the whole solution. If you are looking for more WordPress updates, news, or trends stay updated with https://www.wordpresswebsite.in/our-blog. If you are also in a search of a WordPress SEO company to make your WordPress site on the top of the list, you can also contact us.

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