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How to Update WordPress Security Keys using wp-config.php file

If you ask, how to update WordPress security keys? Our first answer would be wp-config.php file”. And then we might mention other authentication keys to secure and better encryption. The PHP file is the most important in the WordPress installation and ultimately ensures WordPress security.

And if you are wondering where you would find it? Then this PHP file is located in the root of the WordPress website’s file directory and contains configuration details such as database-connection information. However, it is not included from the very first download. But the setup process will create this file for you after analysing provided information.

Other than that, you can manually create a wp-config.php file by locating a sample file. In the process, you must name it wp-config-sample.php or you can edit it as per requirements and save.

Pro tip- While editing the file, make sure you are coding it in the right order, as order matters. Otherwise, it can glitch your WordPress site or blog.

For other vital WordPress security tips, click the link just blinked.

Understanding WordPress security keys–

Security keys in WordPress are an arrangement of random characters, which are generated by WordPress for encryption information stored in users’ cookies.

These keys can be defined by the users in the wp-config.php file. While initial installation if users don’t provide these keys in the wp-config.php file, WordPress automatically generates them.

(Cookies: Just like any other website when you enter a WordPress site, it creates certain cookies and asks you to accept them.)

Why use WP Security Keys?

To make your WordPress password more secure and harder to decode, WordPress uses some secret keys. These keys make your password random & unpredictable and make it harder to guess the combination.

Moreover, these keys are made by four authentication keys and hashing salts (random data). And after adding both, it becomes an unbreakable layer to your password or cookies.

How to configure WordPress security keys?[Update WordPress Security Keys]

If your site is self-hosted, you have to add these security keys yourself. In such a way, if you know how to use FTP, it’s a simple process to perform. But if you don’t know how to do that, you can use the WordPress security key generator to generate these secret keys.

Other than that, you can modify your wp-config.php file after grabbing them from the WordPress root folder. To make it secure and sound follow the given configuration steps:

Configuration steps-

  1. Open wp-config.php file
  2. Search Authentication unique keys and sales (you would find it after database credentials)
  3. Put your random phrase in place of “put your unique phrase here”. Or you can use the “WordPress security keys generator” for keys generation.
  4. Save your keys.

Some configuration points, you should know-

  • Don’t worry about by-hearting the keys values, as you only configure them once.
  • Never reveal your site’s security keys to anyone.
  • Anytime you can change these keys.
  • Already logged in users also have to log in again if the security keys have changed.

Secure configuration means a secure site!

WordPress security keys configuration is a crucial part of site security so make sure to perform it wisely. Moreover, if you have ever doubt that your site cookies are stolen, change it then and there.

For more detail on Update WordPress Security Keys, WordPress security and WordPress security keys, consult our WordPress Experts. And if you are looking for Professionals to generate security keys and make your WordPress site safe, Hire Our Pro Developers.

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