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WordPress is one of the most preferred web development platforms that offer multiple features and functionalities to design a flawless website. Regular updates are essential for any CMS platform as it brings enhanced security, features, and performance, and also fix existing bugs.

WordPress also provides you with the latest updates to get things moving. Website owners need to be updated with the latest and current version of their website.

Before diving into the procedures, let us first understand why you must always update the latest version.

Need for Regular Updates

WordPress offers regular updates on its platform for the following reasons:

  • The latest version usually carries additional functionalities and features. From minor changes, like extending new oEmbed providers in the WordPress 4.4 version to major ones like introducing Gutenberg in WordPress 5.0 version, it aims to ease the processes of content creation and website building.
  • Hackers continuously try to find vulnerabilities so that they can get access to secure information stored on your website. WordPress counters this problem by launching timely security updates to add new security patches.
  • New versions often improve the performance of your site. These improvements facilitate more straightforward and faster operations on the platform. For instance, the launch of WordPress 2.0 focused on enhancing the user experience for publishing blog posts.
  • WordPress updates also fix underlying bugs on the platform. You can get relief from existing problems on your site and enjoy a smooth journey.

Checking and Updating your current WordPress version

For analyzing the current version of your WordPress, you can follow either of the below-given methods:

Method 1: Through the Admin Panel of WordPress
The WordPress admin panel or dashboard comprises comprehensive information about your site. When observed, you can notice that the current WordPress version is mentioned in four different sections of this dashboard.

  • The first one is available at the top of the “Updates” section. All you need to do is click on Dashboard -> Updates. This section will notify you about any pending updates, as well as the current version you are working on. You can directly update your WordPress through this option.
  • Second, you can also see the same on the footer of any page on the dashboard.
  • Third, “At a Glance” admin widget also displays the current version of your WordPress. Simply look for the box carrying useful information like the number of posts and pages on your site. You will find the version name and number below these details.
  • Last, you can find it in the About section of the dashboard. Hover the mouse over the WordPress icon on the top left corner of your screen until the drop-down menu appears. Click on About WordPress to locate the current version.

Method 2: Through the hPanel

  • Visiting hPanel is the most convenient way to find the current version of your WordPress website. In the WordPress section, select Dashboard. You will notice information regarding the current version of WordPress on the right side of the panel.
  • Although it is easy and convenient to update your WordPress, you must consider the expert’s guidance before starting the process. One wrong move can lead to permanent loss of data on your website. Some updates are necessary for your website, whereas others might cause serious problems.

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