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How CDN (Content Delivery Network) Makes A WordPress Website Faster?

A Content Delivery Network mainly consists of a network of servers that have been tailor-made to deliver highly optimized content for your website. A CDN is a network of widely distributed servers all across the globe that will result in a high-speed performance website. If you wish to a website that is scalable, reliable and optimized then a WordPress CDN enabler plugin is what you need. It can be easily integrated into WordPress.

Let us read further to understand how CDN works to load your WordPress website faster than normal WordPress hosting services:

Normal hosting services burden a single server with all the traffic received on the website. This results in longer than usual duration to load the website. What CDN does is that it takes a large number of servers spread around the globe and evenly divides the traffic amongst all these servers and makes your WordPress website well optimized.

Other generic WordPress hosting servers focus on a stable environment that has all the necessary software required to run a WordPress website, at a low cost. Services such as Apache, Nginx, PHP, MySQL and other stacks of necessary hosting software typically run on generic Linux environments.

CDN accumulates a cached version of its content in multiple geographical locations known as PoPs (Points of Presence) that help in reducing the distance between the visitors and your site’s server.

Each PoP consists of multiple caching servers to deliver the content to the audience within its proximity. CDN collects your content in many places at once to provide extended coverage and WordPress website speed optimization to the users.

10 Reasons why you need CDN for your WordPress website –

  • Enhances the loading speed of your page by serving the site’s content from the nearest data centre.
  • In case the host server is down, it wouldn’t be a problem because the site will still be available because CDN is there to push your website’s content to multiple data centres.
  • Distributed servers consume less bandwidth in comparison to a Single Centralized server.
  • Multiple caching edge servers can easily handle high traffic situations.
  • Saves you from additional expenses by localizing the site coverage.
  • CDNs block bad bots like spammers, scrapers and ensure your website is completely secure. It also protects your website from DDoS attacks.
  • Modern CDNs are capable of handling high-capacity infrastructures.
  • Provides you with a detailed analysis of your site’s traffic, bandwidth usage, etc. at every CDN vendor Dashboard.
  • Makes your website globally accessible.
  • It comes with a built-in tool to track and make changes if necessary.

If you’re planning to get CDN for your website, then our team of professional experts is readily available to make your WordPress website fully optimized with the help of CDNs. Contact us at wordpresswebsite.in.

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