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Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

A WordPress plugin is a software code containing functions that can be integrated into a WordPress website. Their purpose is to extend existing functionality or add fresh features to the latter. The plugins use PHP code as well as integrate smoothly with the platform. Most importantly plugins add functionality to a WordPress website without altering the core software code. There is no need to touch the existing software code of the concerned WordPress website. Plugins are the reason for WordPress’s enormous popularity as well as power.

Why the need for custom WordPress plugins?

There already exists a vast database of WordPress plugins to enhance the functionality and features of WordPress websites. If you are looking for a WordPress plugin which has functionality and features that are not available, don’t worry. We’ll design and develop a custom plugin in line with your requirements. There may already exist a plugin with your requirements but has other features which you don’t want or need. Why purchase or pay for a plugin having unwanted features. It is better to develop a custom plugin that meets your precise needs.

Why us?

We have considerable expertise as well as experience in custom WordPress plugin development. We are a reputed WordPress plugin development company having a talented and dynamic team of custom WordPress plugin developers. Our services include building fresh plugins which meet your needs as well specifications. We develop custom WordPress plugins which are integrated into the WordPress website to ramp up the latter’s efficiency.

Features of custom plugins

The plugins we build are user-friendly, SEO optimized, fully scalable as well as compatible with the latest WordPress versions. We help you out in maintenance and upgrades of the plugins also. This includes modifying the plugins you already possess or ones built by other parties. Our programmers craft innovative WordPress plugins containing clear codes. The custom plugins we created are designed to be easily changed and customized in the future if and when the need arises.

We have the in-house capability to build a variety of custom WordPress plugins. This is achieved by various routes such as integrating API (Application Programming Interfaces)’s, employing external services, developing add-ons to existing plugins and others. We extend the present functionality of plugins by using add-ons as well as extensions. Popular uses of Custom WordPress plugins include speeding up the site, ramping up the sites social connectivity, enhance its rankings in search engine results and more.

Flawless security assured

Our expert programmers implement consistent as well as clear coding standards. Exhaustive debugging is done resulting in plugins not having any kind of security or technical issues

Introduction to WooCommerce

WooCommerce is potent as well as an extendable eCommerce platform. It empowers websites to have absolute freedom as well as control in order to sell any product/service from any geographical location. The platform is extremely simple to use and comes as a boon to online merchants.

Expertise in WooCommerce plugins

WooCommerce plugins are frequently employed in WordPress websites. The purpose is to provide an online shopping facility. Take advantage of our WooCommerce plugin development services to be able to sell your goods/services and receive payment through secure and easy to use online payment facility.

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