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Best WordPress Plugins and Tips to Boost Conversion Rate

Generating thousands of traffic every day but not revenue? In a business scenario, traffic that does not convert into customers is useless. WordPress website is one of the search engine loving platforms to grab massive traffic. But if you have a WordPress website and are still struggling with drowning conversion rate, you are in the right place. We’re one of the leading WordPress website development services and can help.

According to a website survey, 80% of leads never convert into sales. And 96% of visitors visit sites but are not ready to buyIsn’t this a clear indication of how wrongly visitors are grabbed to your site without any purpose?

However, thousands of searchers are searching every day for the same intent that your website is all about. So what’s the matter? Hold your horse and know about the Conversion rate so you can get a clear idea.

Understand conversion rate and how to calculate it-

Every website has a purpose such as product purchasing, ebooks downloading, forms fillings and so on. If a visitor visits your site and does what you want him/her to do, it increases the conversion rate.

More appropriately, the conversion rate is like a profit % e.g. Number of conversion/Number of visitors *100. More simply, if your website visitors are 100 in a day and 2 of them convert into conversion (fulfil your purpose), that means your conversion rate is 2% for that day.

Conversion Rate Types-

The conversion rate has been divided into two categories:

  • Lead Conversion Rate- The percentage of visitors converting into leads.
  • Sales Conversion Rate- The Percentage of visitors converting into actual sales.

What Is A Good Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate depends on some factors such as competition, industry, niche and product nature. However, one recent survey states-“22% of businesses are happy with their conversion rate, as it is almost 7 to 11%”. Where else the average conversion rate of other typical ones was 2.35%.

A good conversion rate is difficult to define, but as per our experience, it should be at least higher than your last month’s performance. To know how you can optimize it and boost your conversion, keep rolling.

Explaining Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO(Conversion rate optimization) is a systematic process to improve your conversion rate, which involves steps, where the experts’ analysis some questions such as:

  • How did users move through your site?
  • What were their actions?
  • What stops them from taking desired actions?

WordPress is packed with some mind-blowing plugins to well-optimize your websites’ conversion rate. Here’s the detail.

Best WordPress plugins to enhance conversion rate-

Optinmonster- It is one of the most overpowering WordPress marketing plugins, it helped many to get subscribed emails, increased sales and growing business so far. With its ultimate popups conversion toolkit, it can turn leads into potential customers. It allows you to create attractive popup forms, email subscription forms, hello bars etc. It works amazingly when it comes to speed and mobile-friendliness. Maybe that’s the reason it tops the list of marketing plugins.


Survey funnel- This survey tool will boost your leads and convert them into conversion with ease. As per its name, it creates automatic survey funnels for result-oriented marketing. And can integrate with almost all popular CRM & email marketing tools.


  • Fully responsive
  • Flexibility
  • Multipage support
  • Autorender
  • Image and video sharing
  • Complete report

Price- $17/month

Thrive leads- It is the lead generator plugin for WordPress, that builds your mailing list faster. It works on your lead building just like a conversion expert, obsessed with conversion optimization. The plugin is created with the all latest tactics to thrive your leads.


  • Amazing easy-to-use Design & Deploy
  • Advanced targeting
  • New-generation & convenient A/B testing engine
  • Actionable insights & reporting

Price- $67/month (when you buy it as a standalone plugin)

$19/month (when you buy it as part of Thrive membership)

Nelio A/B testing- One of the versatile and devastating conversion optimization plugins. With this plugin, you can track, define, and manage A/B tests. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce, you can check for featured images, alternative names, and descriptions for your products.


  • Overpowering A/B testing for everyone
  • Designed as a service
  • Attractive heatmaps and click-maps
  • Cache support and server load

Price- $36/month

To optimize your conversion rate, these are the best WordPress conversion optimization plugins. They will make your conversion process so easy that you can get the results fast.

Final Thought!

No doubt these WordPress plugins, and upper given tips will make your way easy. But for a well-maintained and continued conversion rate hike, having experts on board can make the difference. Hire our WordPress plugin developers and get the benefits today!

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