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A Step by Step Guide to Prepare Your WordPress Website for Mobile SEO

Small handy devices, especially mobile phones, are the future of the digital era. Everyone enjoys operating everything via mobiles whether its entertainment, knowledge or services. So, if you’re a WordPress Website owner, you’re already blessed with a lot that needs for a mobile-friendly site. Though for more, you can thank us after completing this WordPress mobile SEO guide. 

This full-fledged mobile SEO guide is packed with technical and non-technical tactics that you must read on.

But before that, let’s know why we are talking about it. 

Full insights on mobile traffic-
Mobile devices are convenient and affordable for all. And maybe this the reason behind the massive growth of mobile-originated traffic. 

According to Statista, 50.81% of the total worldwide traffic coming from mobiles. And the rest is history, as after the pandemic everything was online and what was not online, that is turning now. After the detailed explanation, you can measure online traffic at least to some extent. 

Now, if you ask why only mobile phones, not desktops? Then there are currently 55.73% mobile users over 41.46 Desktops. And day-to-day offers and mobile industry newbies making it affordable to buy them more-and-more. 

So you can say, the emerging mobile industry and need for digital, are working as mobile traffic boosters.             

Now, when you understand the reasons for mobile traffic, let’s know the difference between mobile SEO and desktop SEO. 

Mobile SEO and desktop SEO are not the same- 

Performing mobile SEO and desktop SEO tactics are very different from each other. 

Googles’ mobile-first index clears the air and makes it confirm that smart devices matter more than desktops. From Screen Size to User Intent, there are a lot of micro-moments.    

Mobile Optimization Points to Work on:

  • Separate SEO strategy 
  • Individual Integrated voice searches 
  • Separate Traffic analytics
  • Distinct Search Behaviour 
  • Various engagement levels 
  • Page speed 
  • Different ranking algorithm 
  • Unblock CSS, images and JavaScript
  • Mobile-friendly site design 
  • Don’t use Flash and pop-ups 
  • Local searches optimizations
  • Use structural data (Home-schema.org)
  • Short and optimized title and meta description 
  • Maintain the distance of buttons (Basically design for fat fingers)

Yeah! Yeah! We do remember, you have a WordPress site and it manages very much itself. But as an experienced WordPress development Agency, we know it’s not completely applicable. And that’s our goal behind writing a complete guide over it.  

WP site mobile SEO guide (step-by-step)-

We introduce the points in the previous section, and now it's time to practice them step by step.  

  1. Voice searches- It’s not only about Alexa and Siri, but Google’s voice search also makes it powerful. Rather than that, convenience, less-time consuming, illiteracy and more other things, advantageous voice searches and boost need to optimize websites for phones. 

How to do it?

  • Add long-tail keywords and focused phases
  • Prefer specific questions that use in a conversational manner 
  • Local SEO 
  • Optimized for the micro-moment (moments where users need ready-to-use, immediate, relevant information)

 2. Pop-ups removable- Believe us pop-ups are annoying even on desktop rather than they are made. And what is more annoying then that is pop-ups hiding the full screens. Yes, this takes place very often when users using mobile phones and your pop-ups are not optimized for small screens. 

This is otherwise not user-friendly experience and penalized by Google and can become the reason for your site rank drop. 

3. Focus on content- Imagine you have a long or not so long paraphrase for the desktop. But do they are suitable for the small screen too? If not, make them so. Make sure you have short headings too, as long one can be cut off. 

4. Website speed- Laymen with usual internet speed are already whining about it. Plus, you serve a slow website and kill that 50% chance too. Other than that, smartphone users are the most hurry-scurry ones and won’t wait for a website to load but their own. 

Establish a regular analysis and take care of site speed for mobile phones. And if it does not have a suitable speed, perform possible changes. However, if you are a non-technical one, you can Hire WordPress Website service providers to speed up your site.    
5. Location search optimization- Pigeon (Google algorithms) were the major one to drive the results as per search locations. Google tries to make it easy for local users to search in their regions. However, there are some practices that you can perform to rank your site. 

For this, optimize your content while keeping local searches in mind. Include locations (on headings, meta descriptions, content body). And also optimize your off-page content such as claiming Google My Business listing. 
6. Boost social media use- In 2020, 3.6 billion people have social media accounts, which is willing to hike up to 4.41 billion in 2025. And the thing to heed is most of them use mobile phones. So, if you want to target mobile users, social media is where they belong.  
7. Responsive design- Various mobile sizes of mobile devices are the most considerable reason for website developers. Yes, as a WordPress website owner, you might have some bonuses such as an automated platform. But some of the things you have to perform as well. 

In which, UX (User Experience) is the first thing. And also throw the thought out of your mind that your mobile users are always moving. Additionally, to make your work easy, you can use WordPress CMS (Content Management System). Or you can enlist the Best WordPress developers of town.       

Why WordPresswebsite.in?

We at WordPresswebsite.in, working on WordPress site mobile SEO for more than 7 years now. And also keep eye on all official Google updates, so your site does not face any drawback. Our WordPress developers and designers make sure your site is suitable for all searching devices, especially mobiles, as it is where the future belongs.

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