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WAF (Web application firewall), WordPress firewall plugins, WP firewalls or WordPress security plugins, etc. If you are looking for the top one of them, you are at the right place. First, don’t be confused as we mentioned many names, as they all are the same. 
Today’s blog is an open comparison of all WP firewalls plugins you might hear all good about and get confused. 
Let’s hit the right beat rather than gazing around. 
Top 6 WordPress firewall plugins (A fair comparison)
Yes, a fair comparison so you can carry away the confusion and choose the best. 
1, Sucuri- Don’t be surprised if you find it everywhere while searching for the top WP firewall. The A+ graded WP security plugin is probably the best one. Owned by the leading security company, The DNS level firewall offers everything, including brute force prevention, instruction prevention, blacklisting malware, etc.  
Now let’s break its four versions down and know the application.
  • Custom- The version fulfils almost all security requirements, including Custom SLA, SIEM Integration, SSL Support, Load Balancing, Hack Removal, great protection, monitoring and performance.   
  • Business- Expect SLA and SIEM integration, the version serves all security requirements as a custom version. 
  • Professional- The fulfilment is the same as the business version. 
  • Basic- The basic version of Sucuri offers all Custom functionality apart from SLA, SIEM and integration SSL support. 
  • WAF (Web Application Firewall)
  • Website monitoring 
  • Rapid Incident response 
  • Performance boosting    
Price- $9.99/month and $199.99/year. 
Note: It is the price for a basic version. However, professional, business and custom versions vary in price. 
MaxCDN- Presently part of StackPath, this WP security plugin is a leading CND security provider firewall. The security plugin default adds Layer 3 and 4 DDoS protection; however, StackPath adds layer 7 to the plugin. Like Sucuri, it helps in speeding websites and saving them from malware attacks. 
The plugin doesn’t have WAF but affordable prices, which is good for small businesses.  
Additional features- 
  • Real-time analytics 
  • Serverless scripting 
  • Custom rules editor 
  • EdgeRules included 
  • Segmented download
  • Intelligent caching
  • Instant purge  
  • Free private EdgeSSL   
Price- $20/month (You can use a plugin on the trial basis for one month) 
3. Cloudflare- Known for its free CDN service, the WP firewall plugin also includes DDoS protection. However, its free version does not include the WAF and you need to buy a premium version. 
The functionalities of Cloudflare can be divided into 3 parts, including: 
  • Performance- For performance optimisation, the security plugin allows image & mobile optimisation, video caching, smart route analysis and more.  
  • Security- In the part of security plugins offer a firewall, DDoS protection, VPN, rate limiting, bot management and more.    
  • Readability- For good readability, WP plugin offers a DNS, virtual backbone and load balancing. 
Apart from these, CloudFlare is a large networking plugin and has vast server networks. However, there are several cons such as security scans, blacklist removal & alerts are not present.
Price- Basic version costs $20/month, whereas its Pro plans demand for $200/month. 
4. Wordfence Security- Currently active with 4+ million installations, WAF can block malicious traffic. Also, the plugin can reduce load while blacklisting all requests of malicious IPs. The pro version serves malware signature and real-time firewall rules with malicious activity blacklisted checking.  
  • Scan all core files, themes, plugins, redirects, URLs, posts, SEO spams and backdoors. 
  • It offers limited login attempts from brutal security attacks. 
  • Security from data leak.
  • Allows 2FA (2-factor authentication) 
  • Powerful security plugins can manage multiple site’s security single-handedly.
  • Once buying the premium version, they can use the plugin for unlimited sites. 
  • Plugin servers hack attempts to live traffic and visitor monitoring
Price- $99/year for a single licence premium version. However, the basic version is free. 
5. Jetpack- Professional plan of the firewall plugin is Easy-to-use, scan automatically and have real-time backups features. Similar to Wordfence, the plugin also has an application-level firewall and the ability to block any server-generated malicious traffic. 
  • The mobile app of JetPack provides efficiency to handle it with a mobile device.
  • JetPack boost feature of plugin offer ease in speeding & optimising speed and SEO respectively. 
  • The plugin offers no downtime after backup. 
  • One-click fix of an automatic malware scanning which is simple and powerful.
  • Automates spam blockage including, comment spamming, cache cleaning, etc.  
Price- WP Security serve all Basic (Free), Personal ($39/year) and Professional ($299/year)
6. Bulletproof security- With 50,000 + active installations, BPS allows malware scanner, firewall, DB backup, Anti-spamming, login security and more. Both basic and pro versions of security plugins have various features, including auto-fix, malware scanning, DB backup, security logging, firewall, FSP (Force Strong Password) etc.  
  • One-click setup wizard
  • Real-time file monitoring 
  • HTTP & PHP error logging 
  • ACE (Auth Cookie Expiration)
  • JTC anti-spam & anti-hack 
  • The back-end and front-end maintenance 
  • WP automatic update 
Price- Pro version costs $59.95 with lifetime maintenance. However, its basic version is free.    
Protect with the best or don’t! 
If you have read the comparison wisely, you might have noticed the functionalities. According to the comparison and time-served WordPress development service experience, Sucuri won the comparison. For more WP insights and updates, explore or blogs visit WordPress blog.

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