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The emergence of eCommerce stores has completely changed the way of trading goods and services. Entrepreneurs today are working hard to maintain an online presence for their businesses. Online stores in the business world provide businessmen with multiple benefits such as a faster buying process, affordable advertising and marketing, cost reduction, and store & product listing creation.

WooCommerce is one of the leading and most popular plugins available on WordPress for eCommerce websites having over 40% market share. Developed by Automattic, this excellent plugin can be used by any small to large-sized online merchants. However, attracting visitors and maintaining high traffic on your website can still be a tricky task. That’s where you can use various WooCommerce tricks that help enhance your online store’s performance.

Tips to Enhance your WooCommerce Store Experience:

User Experience plays a crucial factor in the success of any eCommerce business. You can not ensure maximum benefits from your online store until your customers form a positive impression of it. From owning appropriate design to smooth checkout procedures, everything affects the customer experience.

Let us now have a look at the five ways to make shopping on your WooCommerce store simple for your clients.

1) Choose the best Web Hosting Company as per your Need:

Opting for the most suitable web hosting company is essential for a WooCommerce store owner. Web hosting services help you create and maintain your site and make your store accessible on the World Wide Web. WooCommerce stores require secure, dependable, and performance-friendly web hosting. Using Dedicated or VPS WooCommerce hosting solutions is an excellent choice for fast-growing businesses. Important things to look for while choosing a web hosting company include ease of making Database queries and external calls, near-zero downtime for data retrieval, and a support system.

2) Selecting Appropriate Designs for your WooCommerce store:

The first thing your customer engages with while visiting your online store is its design. It is a critical part of your website that affects the customer experience and overall sales. The layout of your WooCommerce store should be optimised for mobile devices as it opens the door of opportunities for your store. That’s why you must choose your store’s theme carefully by hiring a woocommerce development company if your business has enough budget. For example, it's wise to apply your company’s colour scheme to your online store.

3) Protection Against Unauthorised Access:

Hackers and viruses can enter your website and create problems of data breaches. Your customers trust you when entering their personal information on your online store. Protecting your website against hackers is mandatory when starting a new website. Customers will need assurance before sharing details with your store. To attract more customers to your website, you must ensure that it is safe from unauthorised access. You must verify that your WooCommerce store is always up-to-date, its validation is activated, and consider using an anti-virus, firewall, and security plugin.

4) Opting for Payment Gateway for your WooCommerce Store:

Payments are crucial for any eCommerce store, and choosing a particular payment gateway is equally essential. Many payment gateways are available today, but you must opt for one that is safe and facilitates a hassle-free shopping experience. Additionally, try to choose a payment gateway that is widely popular in your website’s targeted country. The more payment options you provide to your users, the more positive impression it will leave among your customers. For startups or newbie stores, cost-free payment gateways offered by PayPal and Stripe are a great option.

5) Enhancing Checkout Procedures:

The checkout page is the final step for a prospect to turn into your customer. Complex checkout procedures are one of the reasons behind the increasing bounce rate for an online store. Your customers don’t want to waste time filling out long forms to confirm an order. Any online store checkout procedure must be restricted to maximum two-three steps. You can use the WooCommerce checkout field editor and Manager Plugin on your store. It will help you decrease the bounce rate and ultimately increase your sales.

WooCommerce offers numerous tools and plugins to help your online business. However, you need to put some effort and ensure that the online visitors turn into your customers. These tips will help you enhance the customer experience and effectively increase the conversion rate.

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