Hello! I’m Nadine Binder. I founded Design Bay Jewellery with a vision of inspiring women to work hard, believe in themselves and never give up. My love of art began in childhood, where I was constantly drawing in notebooks and creating new ideas.


Wir wollen den häufigsten Unfallgrund von Babys verhindern


Body Helix was founded in 2008 by world-ranked senior tennis player Fred Robinson of North Carolina.

The Lab Organics

The Lab Organics is a collection of handpicked premium and cult organic beauty products, natural skin care, fragrances and products for all beauty regimes. All of our edited natural, organic, and sustainable products come from companies who have clearly defined humane, ethical, and environmental policies ensuring the care and beauty not just of ourselves but our planet.

Think Thin

thinkThin a highly successful company that was inspired by personal need, her love of food, knowledge of nutrition, international travel to cultures that promote “wellness from within,” and a desire to help others live with vitality and energy.