Carlyle Financial

Carlyle Financial is a California-based mortgage bank with a commitment to clear and simple home loan solutions. As a direct lender, we offer extensive mortgage options in a single place including jumbo home loans, ARMs, and interest-only mortgages.


Arvind travels all over the world sharing his magic with thousands of people. He has performed off-Broadway in New York City, appeared on Dutch national television on ‘De Nieuwe Uri Geller’ show, featured in national newspapers, amazed people at events ranging from galas, TEDx events, corporate shows and international festivals to charity and private events. With his unique style and persona, he can blow your mind up close while performing just a few inches away or shatter your reality when you are part of a thousand people watching his stage show.

HMI Nutrition

At HMI Nutrition, you will become a highly qualified evidence based nutrition practitioner after 8 months of devoting your studies to plant based nutrition.

Glass Apps

Glass Apps is the leading provider of Switchable Glass and Film, which changes from clear and opaque states on demand. For more than a decade, Glass Apps switchable glass technology has been utilized for commercial, residential, transportation, healthcare and government applications.


Immunolight has developed a breakthrough platform technology that leverages the latest advances in energy transfer to establish high value innovations. The technology is centered on energy conversion from one part of the electromagnetic spectrum to another and the paradigm-shifting applications in far-ranging medical and commercial fields.

Northeastern Development

corporation focused in residential and commercial development in Wilmington, Massachusetts. Our subsidiary company, Northeastern Rental Management Co, Inc., manages and oversees the properties we build. Integrity, innovation and commitment are the three hallmarks that have distinguished and defined us—for the past 30+ years—as a truly effective and credible developer in the northeast.