Value of Chatbots: Should You Use One On Your WordPress Website?

Some of you may think they are just a chatting showpiece in the right corner of your website. But WP chatbots are much more than that, we tell you how? 

They have taken the customer service & real estate industry by storm and experts predict that “By the end of 2022, 90% of banks will have automated their customer interaction with chatbots.” 

Remember how eagerly & trustfully you complain to the Zomato chatbot about your misplaced order? And how efficiently Siri answers even your blah-blah questions? 

Now they don’t feel like a chatting showpiece, right? 

Well, we have some more data on chatbots and their functionality, so you can understand why use them on your WordPress websites? 

Chatbots Insights-

Chatbots are AI-powered computer programs that are also known as conversational agents. 
You can also take it like a software application that can mimic written or spoken human speech. They can simulate a conversation with an actual person, with its two primary ways: 

  1. Via web-based app
  2. Standalone app

Now it’s time to understand the value of chatbots, so keep rolling to know more about it.

Yeah! We will walk towards the value section too, but before that, here are some mind-blowing chatbot stats you should note. 

Mind-Blowing Chatbot Stats: Calculating The Values-

  • 30% of cut in operational cost;
  • 50% of business planning to invest in chatbots than mobile apps;
  • 85% of customer interaction will by chatbots at the end of 2021;
  • 64% of users say chatbots are best for a 24/7 service;
  • 37% of people use website bots for quick answers;
  • 300,000 services were using chatbots on their FB page in 2018;

Values of WordPress Chatbots:

  1. Collect leads from sales leads- The crucial goal of any sales team is to collect the information of new prospects and make them sustain in the sales funnel. And chatbots help the sales team with the same matter.
     For example, a solar installation company set a chatbot on the landing page and started collecting information just from the first arrival of visitors. When a visitor arrives on the landing page, it places some healthy questions asking if they are eligible for installing it.

    It is a more essential and engaging way of collecting information from simple chat rather than standard forms. In this chat, the chatbot asks for all basic info such as name, type of roof, zip code, monthly electricity bill, address and offers a free quote.  
  2. Priorities & qualify the new leads- Maintaining a constant flow of leads is challenging. But do you know what is more challenging? Evaluating and responding to all of them with the same attention. And all this we are talking about are busy sales reps.

     Now put the chatbot in your place and we are sure things look more sort out now!

     For example, if there is a service that has a fair niche audience, it's difficult to target people that end up being your customer. In such cases, setting a chatbot with some particular questions makes it easy to get qualified leads with the answers.   
  3. Visitors subscribe to newsletters- As an alternative to push notification, it helps business to make people subscribe to your newsletters. For example, if a visitor is reading your blog or viewing a product, the chatbot pop up can ask if they want to subscribe to this type of blogs or product discount, respectively.

    This way you can get a proper mailing list of a subscriber that is interested in your service or products.  
  4. Connect visitors with the team- There are some misconceptions that they design chatbots to replace humans. But they are crafting a consent connection between customers and sales staff in their absence.

    Even sometimes, chatbots are the intermediate to start a real-time conversation between sales reps and customers. For this, you can set a question in the setting of your chatbot, that after a while it places a question like: Do you like to speak with an analyst?

    And simply, only a convincing lead would like to talk with the actual person of your service. 
  5. Personalised browsing experiences- Serving a personalised experience to your would-be customer is one of our favourite things. First, it will greet your customer in a personalised way rather than a dead copy of the content (all you need is to set it well for that). It can uniquely ask for details that visitors don't mind writing, at least the basic details.         

    These bots help provide customers with account access info and decrease the workload. 

WordPress user? Must look for the list of best WP chatbots:

  1. WP Chatbot Price- $50/month (1 chatbot with 1000 chats in a month)
  2. Manychat Price- Free- (2 drip sequences, over 10 tags for audience segments, basic quick-start template) 
  3. Chatfuel Price- $15/month (No user limit) or a free plan (A fully-featured bot with 50+ users limit)
  4. Drift Price- $400/month (Billed annually, 5 user limit) 
  5. Freshchat Price- $69/month (After adding Freshchat’s forest plan and when billed monthly) 
  6. MobileMonkey Price- $14.25/month (Billed annually for unlimited leads) Free plan (Unlimited leads and fewer features)

Add chatbots and enhance connection!

Boosting profit, managing business operations, collecting quality leads and polishing CRM, a WP chatbot can help you with many intents. Wondering where you should go for this type of work? Well, our WordPress API Integration Services can help with the same.