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Magento wordpress Integration

 Magento WordPress Integration Services


  • Magento WordPress Integration
  • WordPress Blog Design / Theming
  • One click login to Magento and WordPress
  • Troubleshooting Magento WordPress Integration Issues
  • WordPress Content Migration to Magento Blog

Believe it or not, but Magento Community comprises tons of WordPress fans. Surprised! But it is true, just think for a while why would one having magento community is a big fan of wordpress?
One cannot simply promote his online products with magento this is marely because Magento lacks Content Management Features with no learning curve which is overcome by “Wordpress Integration”. However, WordPress Magento integration together makes a Powerful Robust Pack.

Benefits of Magento & WordPress Integration

  • WMI is a best way for advancing an item on the web, where one can sell products online as well as propelling the services & products online rapidly with slightest endeavors.
  • A second, significant profit of this combination is in (SEO). WordPress is noted all through the business for its friendly SEO, which prompts more exposure for your e-trade site once merged – something which each entrepreneur needs.
  • And the best of all is it’s Staggering Content and Marketing benefits without much expense outside capacity; keeping expenses down without sacrificing quality and value.
Magento Integration

FishPig’s  Magento WordPress Integration and it’s Benefits


Now almost all e-busieness are deciding on WordPress & Magento Integration in order to take advantage of each platform’s unique strengths. This integration of WMI is done with the help of a meganto extension namely, FishPig extension. Here are few appealing benefits of WMI using FishPig extension :-

  • 100% allowed to utilize and simple to introduce through Magento Connect.
  • The WMI plugins gives a quite required extension between the two open source ventures and empowers them to cooperate flawlessly. It is totally changeable and a unique store can be created.
  • It can likewise spare you from needing to do an excessive amount of theming to Magento.
  • Requires no core Magento or WordPress file modification.
  • 1-Click login to your WordPress Admin from your Magento Admin.
  • You can show Magento items on a WordPress post or page by utilizing the shortcode add-on.

Why Choose Us For Magento WordPress Integration Services

At, we provides best and top notch magento and wordpress integration services in India, Gurgaon, delhi and across the globe. We have an experienced and professional team of wordpress and magento integration providers.

We have successfully delivered many of Magento WordPress integration projects with more clients satisfaction. Our professionals are keep an eye on any potential technical problem so that we can troubleshoot it even before it becomes worst. Our Magento WordPress integration professionals are knows clients needs and can develop two-way integration, meaning WordPress into Magento and Magento into WordPress or vice versa.


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